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Jan 3, 2010 8:00am EST
several hundred extra troops to areas where al-qaida is said to be strong. the united states and britain are closing their embassies in yemen because of the attack. >>> the president is holding a meeting to discuss how to prevent another security breach. fox news sunday sits down with the white hoe's top counterterrorism advisor. chris wallace joins with us a preview. >> reporter: good morning, melanie. >> chris, these extremist threats from yemen aren't really a surprise. there's been this history going back to the u.s.s. cole bombing. should we have known this was coming? >> reporter: well, that's exactly the question that people are asking. and it's one thing to say that there was an al-qaida presence in yemen. it's another thing to say that they had the training and the capability to launch this christmas day would-be bombing of a u.s. airliner. at the top of the hour, we are going to be talking to john brennan who is the president's top white house advisor on homeland security and counterterrorism. i will tell you we pre taped it, and it is a chilling interview. it's about t
Jan 31, 2010 8:00am EST
halted flighting taking injured quake victims to the united states. some hospitals won't accept patients without knowing who is paying for the care and the state wants to help foot the bill. rick leventhal reports the struggle to help those still in haiti has presented new needs and some new challenges. >> heavy machines sweep up debris, a baby step toward rebuilding haiti and shattered infrastructure. the massive 7.0 quake destroyed homes and stores and government buildings, knocking out water and power. now it's like moving mountains to get aid to the millions in desperate need. >> transportation is restricted. the in flow of commodities are going to be bottlenecked. in no way is that an excuse. >> reporter: looting are a major concern in the port-au- prince commercial district. and haiti's children are at high risk. u.n. officials say there may be as many as 1 million without parents because of the quake and with the newly homeless in the streets, kids are vulnerable to predators. >> we are exhausting all of the efforts we have to find their parents or their extended family a
Jan 17, 2010 8:00am EST
from the united states would continue for as long as it takes. >> as president obama has said, we will be here today, tomorrow, and for the time ahead. >> reporter: matt acland, fox 5 news. >>> we're told more than 1,000 search and rescue personnel are out there now looking for survivors. >> medical air is crucial and more help is on the way. the huge naval ship comfort is heading to the country. the vessel from baltimore can handle 200 patients a day and it's an enormous effort getting it ready in a short period of time. john henrehan continues our coverage with that story. >> reporter: in the predawn darkness at port of baltimore, a handful of families were drawn to a white ship being readied for departure. it's the u.s. naval ship comfort, a floating hospital. among those quickly call add brd, a maryland baited navy corpman joshua meitzner. >> they need our help and when the call is made we're ready. >> reporter: and they are the people from haiti. where the casualty count is still unknown. on paper it takes five days to gather food, water, medical supplies and the approximate
Jan 24, 2010 8:00am EST
the united states, the midwest eastward. >> it's not thought this area is seismically hazardous because people think its california. >> people from st. louis to memphis live on top of a new fault line. a 150-mile seismic zone that impacts five states. the whole area was devastated by a series of four major quakes back in the early 1800s. quakes so strong the mississippi river was said to have run backwards, shaking felt as far away as washington, d.c. >> seismologists say the 7.0 haiti quake was the result of 200 years of built-up pressure since the regions last major tumbler. this is coming up on the 200 year mark of what was believed to be an 8.0 magnitude or greater quake. >> some people are fairly skeptical because they haven't felt a damaging earthquake in their lifetime. >> reporter: and the truth of the matter is earthquakes can strike anywhere. >in 1886 charleston, south carolina was just about wiped out and there is hazard around new york. >> reporter: and the yellowstone is also seismically charged. what are folks supposed to do about that? wait. >> currently there is
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4